Males Page 1 September 2017


I am simple, straight forward person, 28 ,6’ previously married, Pakistani origin Muslim. I like to spend time

around family. I would like a simple, honest, serious and straight forward girl.

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I am a caring honest person, 39, British Pakistani, practising Sunni Muslim, been divorced however looking to

seriously settle down. I am looking for a caring, honest woman who would fit into a small family of myself and

my parents.

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I am educated, nice, genuine, honest, sincere and down to earth person, 42, Pakistani, 5’7”, divorced, PhD and a

Programs Manager. I live happily and try to help everyone I am with. I want to settle down permanently and can

relocate. Looking for an educated, easy going, trust worthy, genuine, loving and caring like myself.

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I’m looking to get married this year Insha’ALLAH. I am 27, 5’8”, ACCA, British Sunni Muslim. WLTM someone who

will respect my parents first and foremost.

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Our son is a Sunni Muslim, British Pakistani, 25, 6’2”, a degree educated Business development manager. He is

an open minded, fun loving guy! He works hard in the family business but is also very easy going. Into fitness and

goes to the gym regularly, and has a very tall, slim muscular physique. Looking for someone 20-25yrs, slim

attractive girl who is Sunni (but not Hijaab wearing). She should be down to earth, have a good standard of

education, a friendly nature and a good stable family background.

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Sunni Muslim, 57, 5’8”, revert of many years. British background with Irish relatives. Enjoy sport, very religious.

Pray my fard prayers daily. and attend masjid at least once a day usually at fajr. Have an unhappy non muslim

marriage although my then wife had Muslim relatives she would not practise. I read and enjoy travel. My

employment has varied over the years now with own small business. Age is not important, nor looks but maybe

an elderly sister 55+ would be more compatible as I seek a life partner for my deen and happiness. Job is not

important, unemployed/housewife acceptable. A very educated person may not find me demanding enough.

Must be religious, wear hijab/nikar acceptable. Must pray and keep fasts when possible. I am a kind and

considerate person and seek the same. Please ask whatever you want. I am moving shortly Inshallah to Derby. I

rent as I do not believe in paying riba. I seek a sister that is not seeking great wealth. I am of modest means

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I am a bold and honest person by nature, 29, 5’8”, Pakistani, a PhD research scientist. Looking for a girl who is

bold and honest.

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I am 25, 5’10”, British Bangladeshi. I am the Manager of a Kwik-Fit. I was married in August 2015 and divorced

shortly after. The lady I married left 2 weeks after marriage. I am seeking someone genuine, sincere and not

someone materialistic. I am a caring and kind individual and faith is very important to me. Alhamdulillah I pray 5

times and I am seeking someone who will strengthen my Imaan further. I am bubbly and outgoing and come from

a family of moderate values. My parents are easy going and are not old school. I am seeking someone with good

morals who will value my family as her own and be a vital part of my life. In return I will give my all to be the best

possible husband. I will listen and support her through problems and always make her feel loved and valued.

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British Pakistani, 32, 5’9”, PhD and a teacher of physics. From an educated family. He travels extensively and

wishes to continue this. He has a can do attitude and can cook, ride motorbikes and lift heavy weights. He is now

ready to settle down and get married in 2017 inshallah. We are Sunni Muslims and Kashmiri Butt. Seeking a

never married single female aged 22-28. Educated to degree level. Likes travelling. Sunni Muslim.

M6844 ID:8358 Location: Midlands. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 2 September 2017


I’m somebody who is in a good place in my personal and professional life. I am 33, single, British and a practising

Sunni. I want to find somebody who I can share my life with. I enjoy staying in and going out in equal measure.

Although I am shy to begin with, I do open up when I feel comfortable with someone. Hopefully, I can find that

someone here Insha’Allah. Somebody who is willing to take any relationship we might have seriously. I believe

in equal opportunity in any union so the ability to compromise is essential. Not interested in anyone who likes

to get their own way all the time. They also have to be educated and to have an engaging personality.

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I have a Pakistani origin, was born and brought up there and am working as doctor(MBBS) in Ireland. I am 31,

5’10”, have a well groomed personality and I am simple and kind. I am outing, like sports etc. I am a good Muslim

with moderate views. Looking for a girl of Pakistani origin from the UK, Ireland or Europe. Preferably seeking a

doctor from a respected and noble family of Pakistani origin, aged 30 and below, no caste or sect restrictions.

M6955 ID:7243 Location: Ireland Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a British Pakistani, 33, 5’7”.  I am divorced, have one son who is 18 months old lives with my ex wife. I see

my son 3 times a month for 1.5 hours in a children centre. I have done MBA and apart from that I am part ACCA

Qualified. I work for British trains. I am looking for an educated and decent life partner. 

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I am a 43 year old divorced British Pakistani, completed my Pharmacy degree. I have no contact with my ex who

also has the children. I currently live with my mother. I am financially very secure and an educated professional.

Religious values are very important to me. Originally I am from Lahore Pakistan. Looking for a Sunni female,

26-32, divorced or widowed is OK but ideally without kids, 26-32 and can even be from Pakistan from a good

family. Must have basic education, family orientated with a balance between Islam and cultural understanding.

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Divorced Egyptian Muslim, 35, 5’8”, studied pharmacy and work as a pharmacist. Looking for a nice and honest

Muslimah for marriage.

M6935 ID:9160 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


My son is 23, a British Pakistani, qualified accountant. I will describe him as funny, annoying and hard working.

He is at the point in his life where he feels that he is ready to move to the next step and explore the world with a

loving partner. From my perspective he is a compassionate, caring and charismatic individual who believes he is

lucky to have wonderful family and parents. He upholds important morals and principles, enjoys outdoor

activities but also appreciates a quiet night in. He is looking for a generally kind, loyal and funny individual to

spend the rest of eternity with. Someone that can smile through adversity, be light-hearted, approachable and

understanding . A professional who understands key values and morals and is a respectable member of society.

He is looking to settle with a comparable partner who can join our close knit but not an UBER- traditional family.

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I am an easy going laid back individual, 34, 5’7”, British Pakistani who is open minded and willing to try out new

ideas. I embrace traditional cultural values while encompassing western ideals. I love interesting intellectual

conversations not to mention humour easy going, happy, adventurous, patient, understanding mix of both

traditional and western values someone who’s a friend and wife most of all good heart

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British born Pakistani son, 25, 5’8”, studied a degree in civil engineering and work as a surveyor. We are looking

to find a suitable match for our son who is mature, has fair skin, enjoys movies, spending time with friends and

family. He is a simple good looking boy who does not smoke or drink or date. Average built and has full gym

membership She needs to be degree or college educated and would prefer someone from a Lahore background

but not fussy. The main thing is that the girl should be from a good family background ideally 19-24 years old and

height should not be more than 5’5”, and finally should be fair skin, slim and attractive. We are relatively

moderate Sunni Muslims and welcome a rishta from a UK born and raised person. Parental or guardian

involvement is must and this rishta is only for marriage.

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Males Page 3 September 2017


I am 57, 5’7”, British Pakistani living in London, BA Accounting, currently work in security and looking to get

married. I prefer you to contact me by telephone. I am serious about marriage and can discuss more by phone.

M6956 ID:11355 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: contact MMS


Egyptian Muslim, 29, 5’11”, masters educated, working as a treasury analyst. I am very intelligible, honest and a

simple person. Also looking for a simple, smart and well educated person.

M6957 ID:9844 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, single, 28, 5’9”, university educated. Work as a web designer and software

development with own small business. I am a practising Muslim and looking to settle down.

M6936 ID:9163 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a religious, open minded and honest 30 year old Masters educated British Pakistani working full time, 5’11”.

I am hard working, trustworthy and also looking for someone similar who is loyal truthful and religious.

M6937 ID:9186 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


27 year old single British Pakistani Muslim, 5’5”, BA(Hons), a practising, work in security. Looking for a nice loving

loyal partner. Loyalty is the key.

M6910 ID:8629 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’6”, graduate. Living with parents at the moment, happy to live separate if

preferred. Working full time as an Account Executive from home, head office based in Leeds. Like listening to

music, watching movies, going out dining, hanging out with friends and travelling abroad. WLTM someone aged

20-23, reasonably tall, slim, outgoing and educated to at least degree.

M6908 ID:8594 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a dynamic and hardworking, love innovation and learning new things, 36 year old British Indian, 5’10”, a

degree educated management consultant. Looking for someone with good common sense and being able to

hand various situations of life in a thoughtful way.

M6866 ID:8356 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Sunni Muslim of Malaysian origin and permanent UK residence, 41, 5′ 2”, PhD educated, professional, married

with no kid, simple person, outgoing, family oriented, love travels and enjoy sports. I seek a sister who is

religious, kind, honest and willing to build a family. Ideally aged 30 and below, settled in the UK.

M6862 ID:8509 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


Funny, intelligent and easy going British Bangladeshi, 41, 6’, PhD and a banker.  I am a practising Sunni Muslim,

divorced, eldest of 3 siblings and the only son. Looking for someone who is like minded and caring in nature. I

prefer a Bangladeshi, divorcees or never married. Someone who has no children if divorced, happy to live with

parents and preferably wears hijab.

M6843 ID:8310 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a moderate Muslim from a Sunni background, British Pakistani, 34, 5’10”, divorced, work in health care. I

like spending time with family and friends. I like travelling when not working and going for dinner. I’m not looking

for a diamond in the dirt but someone who is humble and down to earth. Not materialistic !!!

M6797 ID:7592 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a very simple person, 40, 5’9”, divorced, a British Bangladeshi, highly qualified medical doctor. I am serious

kind of person so I do things from the heart, sincerely and efficiently. However, I trust people and try to be

trustworthy. I am caring and always smiley. I like travelling and enjoy meeting new people with different culture.

Looking for someone sweet, simple and fun loving, always smiley who takes things easily and deals in a very nice

and simple way. Obviously caring.

M6884 ID:8874 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 4 September 2017


I am a 29 year old fun loving British Pakistani Muslim, 29, 5’7”, practising Muslim. Seeking a similar person who

is also fun loving.

M6958 ID:9845 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am Pakistani origin, 37, 5’9”, MBBS, MPH, DCH, MRCP1, registered as a specialist doctor in England, United Arab

Emirates and Pakistan. Presently working as a Specialist Registrar with the National Health Service. Our son is

smart, good looking, kind caring and an intelligent doctor. We are looking for a beautiful wife for our son, fair

complexion, tall, single and never married, from a good family.

M6959 ID:11356 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: Contact MMS


I am 5’9”, 26, British Pakistani, Sunni Muslim, work in manufacturing. I am athletic, with a fair complexion and

looking for someone petite, easy going, down to earth, open minded, broad mined and compromising.

M6938 ID:9187 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest, sincere & caring individual, 35, 6’1”, British Pakistani, graduate, and practising Muslim ,divorced.

Looking for a life long partner with the same qualities as me to complete my deen.

M6939 ID:9191 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am software developer, doing MSc Advanced computer science as well as being a software developer, living in

Hertfordshire, 25, 5’9”, Pakistani. Seeking for a life partner who is honest, good looking, educated and friendly.

M6940 ID:9197 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 51, 5’7”, British Pakistani, previously married and looking for a life time partner. Looking forward to getting

a sincere person to spend my life with her. My partner should be sincere and loyal and the special thing is that

she can understand a relationship.

M6865 ID:8217 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced British Bangladeshi Muslim, 39, 5’11”, a technician. I am caring, respectful, an attentive listener,

smart, confident, assertive and have many more beautiful qualities. I am here to find my other half Insha Allah

and serious about marriage. I am more than welcome to talk more about myself if you are serious about

marriage. So please do feel free to contact me I’m looking for a lady between 25 to 35 years old who is humble

and intelligent and beautiful also independent and with great sense of humour.

M6909 ID:8598 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a doctor 29, 5’8”, Shia Muslim of Pakistani origin, working in Birmingham as a doctor. Looking for someone

who is honest, trustworthy and career oriented.

M6841 ID:8253 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I'm 34, 5’6”, British Pakistani, degree educated, work as a govt officer. I am fun, laidback, enjoy time with family

& friends, gym/sports, eating out, would like to travel inshaAllah. I pray and always keep halal, have never had

girlfriends, never married before, never smoked, clubbed, drugged, free-mixed etc. I am balanced and would like

to learn the deen properly in the near future. WLTM someone who prays and keeps halal, dresses modestly and

if you don’t wear hijab yet, then that's fine. I am not one to judge or force my wife alhamdulillah. Prefer a kind,

caring, loving wife simple & naturally beautiful both in and out, humble, not materialistic and homely. Someone

honest, with good manners/character a GSOH to be my wife and future mother of our children inshaAllah. Any

race / nationality / reverts most welcome. I hope to treat my wife with respect, love, care and be friends &

companions together inshaAllah. Prefer you to relocate to London.

M6919 ID:7366 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS

I am a patient person, 42, 6’1”, university educated and a business owner. I am quite mature and responsible by

nature and a social person. I play tennis and do snowboard. I’m Turkish and have family living in Bursa. I like

reading and mostly interested in history, philosophy maths and of course QURAN. I like to travel a lot and I am

living for only to serve Allah subhane and teala. Looking for someone wide visioned, educated, who loves Allah,

Quran centred, social, interested in arts and travel, honest and good looking. I am serious about marriage.

M6926 ID:9075 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 5 September 2017


I’m a honest, nice and caring type of man, British Pakistani, 36, 6’1”, British Pakistani, educated and self

employed. I have been told I am better looking in reality than from pics. Like to go shopping, cinema,

restaurants, holidays, and music. Sometimes pray and read Quran. Listen to Islamic nasheeds /naats. Wanting a

Sunni Pakistani girl, single and never married. UK citizens only please.

M6960 ID:9847 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an understanding and Islamic British Indian Muslim, 29, 5’7”, Msc educated and a consultant. Looking for

an innocent and Islamic female.

M6961 ID:9857 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am originally from Karachi, am a German citizen, work as a taxi driver having been here for over 30 years. I

have my own apartment here. I am looking for a woman who can also be divorced or a widow and can also be

with a child around 35 years. I prefer to be contacted by telephone.

M6962 ID:11379 Photo Location: Frankfurt Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am an open-mind person, 28, 5’11”, British Pakistani, Bachelors educated. Brought up with good family values,

love travelling & sports such as football. Prefer an open minded, family orientated person with religious beliefs.

M6941 ID:9202 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I’m a simple man, 26, 5’6”, British Pakistani, practising Muslim, family oriented. She must be a practical Muslim

from a good family.

M6942 ID:9219 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Self confident and self motivated British practising Muslim, 27, single, 6’. Looking to get married to someone

who is also self confident.

M6943 ID:9376 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a mature and decent Pakistani person, 26, 5’8”, completed bachelors, currently a driver. Sometime do

jokes to enjoy life. I am sincere and a career and loving person. Looking for serious and sincere person.

M6920 ID:8991 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@YMAIL.COM


I am a simple man, 30, 5’11”, British Pakistani, BA, a shift manager. I am looking for my life partner and if you

need more information, you can ask me. I prefer a simple person.

M6916 ID:8734 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I love my religion, Islam. I am a Sunni Muslim, 33, Pakistani. I listen to the Quran everyday. Looking for someone

who is a good Muslim. Widows, divorcees or single Muslims can contact me.

M6917 ID:8867 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Previously married father of two, 34, 5’6”, an Optometrist, seeking a like-minded partner to make a fresh start.

Should be a decent, caring, loving person who wishes to make a new start. I am NOT seeking a maid nor a

mother, just a life partner who can also be my friend. I would prefer someone who has previously been married.

M6863 ID:8618 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


Mum from Pakistan, Dad from Mauritius. I grew up in Mauritius, and have an extensive family network in the

UK. I work as a doctor, training as a GP. I am 34, 5’9”, not super religious but WLTM someone who does not

necessarily have to wear hijab or pray 5 times, but who has a good heart, is loving, a happy person ideally who

treats people with respect. I am Sunni but am open to any Muslim. I like to go to the gym, enjoy yoga, cooking,

travel and am family oriented.  My partner ideally should be under 34, non-smoker, a nice person, be respectful

to my mum and ready to accept my mum into our lives (shes very sweet btw) and know how to look after herself.

She should have university education but I am willing to compromise on that.  Ideally reasonably tall and slim

but not important if there is a connection. I would prefer to get in touch by email, phone or FB. Family should

get involved but there needs to be a spark first. Prefer someone willing to relocate South but I can compromise.

M6864 ID:7644 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 6 September 2017


I am caring honest and trustworthy, a British Pakistani Muslim, 43, slim, Bsc(Hons), self employed. Looking for

someone who should be trustworthy and caring.

M6963 ID:9864 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani practising Muslim, 36, 5’4”, self employed. Previously married and now single – please ask me

for more details. Now looking to settle down with the right person.

M6964 ID:9885 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am honest and hard working, Pakistani Muslim, 29, 5’9”, practising Sunni Muslim, masters educated, currently

working as a chef. I always believe in Allah. I respect every individual opinion.I am frank and friendly. Like

listening to music, watching movies, going out dinning, hanging out with friends and travelling abroad. I am

looking for a Moderate Sunni girl.

M6965 ID:9896 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m a simple soul, 37, 6’1”, divorced, British Pakistani, self employed, striving towards one goal and I know I can’t

do this alone. Technically speaking, seeking a divorcee with a son who is open to more children in the future.

M6944 ID:9379 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


27 year old British Pakistani, 5’8”, divorced. Currently work in the security industry and am looking forward to

meeting someone who is a good Muslim for marriage.

M6945 ID:9385 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Single British Pakistani male, 30, 5’11”, Sunni Muslim. I currently work in driving and you can ask me for more

information. Just looking for someone who is a simple person.

M6946 ID:9395 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am honest and hard working, 23, 5’8”, Bangladeshi origin, studying LLB. I always believe in Allah. I love to

cook and travel. I respect every individual, am frank and a friendly and open minded person. Prefer a simple

girl, 19-22. I prefer a religious girl, minimum 5’2″ tall.

M6918 ID:8989 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Matrimonial proposals invited for a well-mannered and God-fearing 36yr-old educated Sunni Muslim man. I am

5’10” tall and clean-shaven. I am a family oriented person from a Pakistani family. I am an American citizen living

in USA. However, I will certainly be open to relocating to another country such as the UK. I have been to the UK 3

times in my life. I hold 2 degrees from USA. I have worked in corporate America for companies such as Siemens,

Deloitte and Accenture. These are well respected employers. I have a strong background in the Information

Technology field. I have a number of hobbies and interests, including exercise, trying new cuisines, visiting

museums and am open to new things. I would like to get married Insha-Allah to complete my deen and start the

next phase on my family, Insha-Allah. If you are interested, then please email details and photographs

M6885 Photo Location: USA. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a 27yr old British, Bsc, an admin officer looking for a practising Muslimah alhamdulillah and any contact

through my mother will be confidential and respected. I am practising, patient, honest and an open minded

person who strives to take the balanced approach to deen and everyday life. Parents are from Bangladesh /

Sylhet area. I prefer a like minded practising Muslimah who cares / respects about self and family and friends

around. Work or profession is not a problem if halal. British Bangladeshi preferred but wider options may be

considered and someone who is happy to live with me inshallah.

M6923 ID:9828 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@LIVE.COM


I am a simple, mature, loyal, honest, friendly and sincere 29 year old Pakistani, 5’8”, DBA and working in sales

and admin. I practice my religion, always pray, like to give time to friends, family and respect my elders. I am

serious about finding a partner just for the sake of marriage Insha’Allah. Don’t have much expectations, just

seeking someone honest, loyal, family oriented, religious (preferable) and who will be serious only in a true

relationship so we can start our marriage life and complete our deen Insha’Allah.

M6949 ID:9822 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 7 September 2017


I am 25 years old 5’10”, Sunni, Pakistani permanent resident here, masters educated and working as a manager.

Looking for a good Muslim girl who respects family values.

M6966 ID:9902 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a very honest, down to earth person, 27, 6’, British Pakistani, own successful business. Very much family

orientated. Can be known to have a dry sense of humour. Ready for commitment and responsibility. Would go

out of my way to do anything and everything for my nearest and dearest. Outgoing and adventurous. Passionate

about cars. Ready to settle down with a like minded person. Family orientated. Looking for a caring, kind,

beautiful individual. Someone stunning inside and out. Honest and trustworthy. A straightforward realistic

person, no mind games. Looking for someone I can progress towards becoming a better Muslim.

M6967 ID:9905 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a thoughtful and caring person, British Pakistani Muslim, 34, 5’9”, masters educated teacher, practising

Muslim but now divorced. Looking for a humble and practising wife.

M6968 ID:9908 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am 27, 5’8”, PhD in maths and owner of a successful business. I am a British Pakistani, passionate, loving,

caring, determined and very responsible. She should be loving caring and organized and preferably a good cook.

M6947 ID:9682 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am currently working as a IT engineer having completed my degree. I am 28, 5’11”, British Bangladeshi. I am

very driven with my job. I am looking for someone modern and independent.

M6948 ID:9762 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I’m a single father, 47, 5’11” and have been divorced for over a decade. I am British born and bred, parents

originate from Pakistan. I have lived a life which has not been perfect but changed it around immensely. I’m a

homely person and do all my cooking and cleaning. Family means everything and I am blessed to have my

parents around who I care for very much. I’m not on here to waste my or your time and am genuinely looking

for a loving marriage. Someone who is caring, honest and knows what love and family values are. Single parents

most welcome. I can imagine how hard this is for woman and last thing they want is dishonesty like I said I’ve

had a past but it’s the future I want to focus on, and family involvement can be as arranged.

M6895 ID:8463 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


28yr old British Pakistani Muslim, 5’11”, ACCA, single, has a very kind and likeable personality. He has a good

upbringing and moral values. As a sister I can say that he never lets down people he cares about. The girl

should have good moral values with education. She should not be a smoker and should not drink alcohol.

M6921 ID:9005 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a very nice and sensitive British man from UK, 46, PHD, work as a contractor. I am sincere, loyal, have two

kids and my wife died some years ago. Right now I am single, looking for a nice woman to marry.

M6922 ID:9006 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am 29 (Sunni), 5’7”, living in London UK, Bangladeshi origin, (waiting for PR). Education: Accounting degree on

English Literature, profession, a Senior Supervisor at a hotel, earnings £2200/month, father (Business man), two

brothers and one sister. Sister married, 2nd brother in Dubai and little one studying law. I am looking for a

practicing Muslim girl who is willing to live in the UK with me. My wish is to do nikah straight away and travel to

Medina. It would be great if I could talk to the girl first, or the parents talk to me first before introducing them to

my family. Then both the families can finalise things. I would be more than happy to talk to parents and being

interviewed. I am looking for someone who is in the UK. 

M6819 ID:7789 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am very simple Bangladeshi origin Muslim, 28, 5’8”, currently doing a Masters degree at university. I am just

looking for a simple and practising Muslimah.

M6903 ID:8558 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 8 September 2017


37 year old British Pakistani, 5’11”, Sunni Muslim, masters educated, practising. I am nothing special and am an

ordinary person. Also looking for a normal person, nothing special.

M6969 ID:9925 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am 28, 5’8”, divorced, a British Pakistani, also working. I would describe myself as patient, non judgemental,

organised, caring, ambitious and adventurous. My hobbies or fascinations are keeping fit by going to the gym or

cycling, I like architecture, DIY projects, learning about deen and aim to practice it. If you would like to know

more then please message. I’m looking for someone between 22-40 and don’t mind divorcees with kids or

without. I prefer someone non judgemental, caring, patient, committed and someone who has hobbies.

Someone who is into their deen and wants to better themselves.

M6970 ID:9975 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am an ordinary person, British Pakistani, 30, 5’9”, divorced. I am a university graduate and self employed.

Looking for an understanding partner with Islamic values.

M6971 ID:10111 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am 26, 5’8”, British Pakistani, MBA, a professional cricketer. I am a cool, easy going and caring person. Just

looking for my life partner, ideally honest, loving and caring like me.

M6950 ID:9836 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working career oriented person, 30, 5’7”. I study a PhD at University of Sheffield and had studied a

masters in Brazil. My undergraduate education was in Egypt. I apologise for my mistakes. I am middle class person.

Also, I am practicing Muslim, but I am very open minded to other cultures and people. I am looking for a girl

around 27 yrs old. It will be better if she is a Muslim. She should caring and capable to apologise for her mistakes.

She should not be dogmatic. It will be good if she is working towards PhD & with a research oriented career

(she should be accepting if I need to go back to Egypt). She will preferably be from middle social class.

M6805 ID:7762 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am 31, 5’11”, Divorced British Pakistani, from a Sunni Hanfi madhab. I’m currently working as a driver. Child

transporting with social services and specialist people, and taxi service too. I do this job because I’ve always

loved driving. I like going out, socialising with friends and family, eating out and trying new food places. I’ve

travelled to many places including Dubai, Holland, France, Belgium, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi for Umrah.

I would love to go to Hajj with my wife as I feel it’s one of the most important pillars in Islam. In my family I’ve

got my grandma and dad. Mum passed away last year. 3 sisters and 2 brothers of which one brother and one

sister are married. I’m the eldest of all. I’m looking for a lady from Pakistani or Arabic background and got to be

Sunni. Age wise from around 24 to 34. Got to be UK resident. Looks and size not important. Just a good heart. 

M6801 ID:7746 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m 42, 2’6”, kind, honest, calm and loyal, previously married with 2 children. I came to UK 20 yrs ago, now British

but still very much a Mauritian man with Asian background and a strong belief in religion. I am a graduate and a

health care manager. I try to be regular with namaaz and follow the Sunna of our prophet pbuh. I believe it is

important to respect other people and especially our parents. I’m a family person and value family more than

anything else in life. I hate argument and believe we must respect each other. WLTM a wife 32-40 who is kind

and caring, and practices religion.

M6925 ID:9054 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I was raised by a single mother and am a 29 yr old British Pakistani, 5’8”, graduate, work as an environmental

artist. Through her actions I’ve become the person that I am today. I’m an understanding person by nature. I’m

kind, passionate & a caring sort of person. I enjoy health and fitness. I come from a small, close-knit family, who

are not concerned about culture, race, or whether you are a revert, main thing is the religion :). The woman I

WLTM is someone who has her own opinions, ideas and dreams, loves learning about the world around her and

is kind, loving and compassionate. Someone who is into similar things and outlook in life, has a career rather

than become a housewife, essentially building our lives together. Mutual attraction is important.

M6906 ID:8583 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 9 September 2017


I’m looking for a simple practising mature woman, God fearing, loyal and honest. I am 40, 5’11”, widowed with

no children, self employed as a gas engineer, Sunni Muslim. As a husband I know what my responsibilities are. I

will treat my wife as a life partner and my best friend, someone she can trust. I don’t smoke, don’t do late nights,

don’t drink, don’t get angry easily. Get in touch to find out more. I’m looking for a normal Muslim who is honest,

loyal and trustworthy, between 35-44 who is simple like me, with family values. Someone who loves being part

of a family and ideally is divorced and am also happy to marry someone who’s unable to have kids.

M6972 ID:10211 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working person, 36, divorced, British Pakistani, HND educated and now working as a manager. I am

looking a person to fill my iman of Islam. Looking for someone honest and loving.

M6973 ID:10249 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I have a positive outlook on life. I am 30, single, 5’7”, British Bangladeshi, work as a photographer. Looking for

someone to share all that life has to offer and complete our deen, someone that enjoys travelling.

M6974 ID:10260 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am an adventurous, ambitious, confident, determined, easy going, friendly, funny, loving, sensitive, smart,

romantic, serious, religious Bangladeshi Muslim, a citizen of the USA, masters educated work as a doctor living in

Dallas, Texas. I am 41, 6’, single and never married, enjoy giving, am a good listener. I want a simple life partner.

M6977 ID:10444 Photo Location: Texas Email: MEMBERS


I have a well settled business and travel a lot for business. I am British, 32, 5’8”, divorced, practising Muslim. I

enjoy eating out and long drives. I was married before and things didn’t work out. This time I’m looking for a

sincere life partner who must enjoy traveling and is honest. I won’t ask for more than that.

M6975 ID:10268 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a calm academic and sporty person, 34, 5’11”, Turkish Muslim and a permanent UK resident. I am highly

educated to PhD and have my own computing company. I am a practising Muslim, speak English. Arabic and

French. Also looking for someone calm and academically educated.

M6976 ID:10270 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Intelligent, honest and simple Egyptian Sunni practising Muslim, 29, 5’11”, masters educated and a treasury

analyst. Looking for a simple, smart and well educated woman.

M6951 ID:9844 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a London-based Muslim convert from a Christian Filipino background, British, 28. I am continuously learning

more about Islam. I’ve been practising for the last 2 years and just started an Arabic lesson. I grew up in the

Philippines but spent half of my life in the UK so am bi-lingual and bi-cultural. My personal interest is

architecture, working in this field and I also study part-time. I’m a strong advocacy of social and cultural values,

a nature lover and an adventurer so I like wildlife and being outdoors. I am an easy going person with a GSOH

but I prefer to say the rest about me in an old school type face-to-face chat. Seeking a deen buddy, a partner in

life. Someone who I can share the blessings of Allah and who I can walk into Jannah with…Insha Allah!

M6881 ID:8351 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS















Females Page 10 September 2017


I am passionate about striving to perfect my Iman so that has to be important to my future husband too. I am a

Sunni Muslim, British, 33, 5’2”, a finance assistant. I am loving, positive and have a passionate personality. I am

also passionate about cooking fresh food, spending time with loved ones and family & keeping physically active

& do love long walks, playing squash & badminton. I occasionally go to the cinema. Ideally I would like to settle

with a UK born Muslim and can relocate if needed. I am family orientated, and can’t wait to settle and start my

own! I have done Ummrah & hope to do Ummrah many times with my husband InshAllah.  It is important that

you are a practicing Muslim. The rest is obviously the usual; humble, responsible, trustworthy, family values,

patient, loving, a laugh, good friend, passionate etc. No one is 100% perfect so let’s chat and see if there is

anything there ;). I wear the hijab and want a man who respects that. May Allah SWT guide us all to our rightful

partners Ameen. I prefer to communicate with those with a picture, as it’s only fair I see who I’m speaking with!

536F6 ID:10414 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m a qualified professional, 33, 5’2”, LLB educated and working as a solicitor, British Pakistani. Looking to settle

down with the right person, I spend my spare time with my family and close friends. I’m moderately practising &

I would like to meet someone who at least tries to pray 5 times a day and knows the difference between religion

and culture. I would add that sarcasm is my middle name so if you take offence easily, we probably won’t get

along! Prefer someone who is ready to settle to down, serious about marriage & happy for parental involvement

from the outset, single, 34-39, never previously married and has no history of drink, drugs, going to clubs etc

538F6 ID:9848 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a kind, sweet, loving person, 28, 4’11”, previously married, a practising British Bangladeshi. I have a GSOH,

am a caring person and am very cheeky once you get to know me. I am open minded and looking for Mr Right.

Someone who will love me for who I am, that is not so controlling. Ii want someone who is sweet and caring will

want to see me happy always and accept and love my 2 children like their own. I want someone financially stable,

good looking, sweet with a loving in heart.

519F6 ID:8909 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I’m a fun and loving person, 22, 5’3”, British Pakistani, final year degree student, a practising Muslimah. I respect

every relation that comes in my life. I am a simple person and looking for someone respectful and down to earth.

521F6 ID:8980 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I come from a Pakistani background, am 34, 5’1”, masters educated teacher living with family and two younger

brothers. I enjoy reading going to the gym, watching movies, travelling, socialising with friends and meeting new

people. I am a Sunni and do my best to pray 5 times a day and would say I am somewhat religious. Looking for

someone who has a positive outlook on life with a professional job which they enjoy. I don’t mind if they have

been divorced before but ideally no children. I hope they too are somewhat religious. Someone who is keen to

want companionship and wants to travel and settle down. 

415F6 ID:4540 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani, 19, currently doing A levels, she can cook, clean and gets along with everyone. She is a

practising Muslim, likes reading books, is funny, a good person to sit with and have a laugh with, down to earth.

He needs to be practising, open minded, somebody honest, from a good family that we can get along with. He

needs to be educated and well mannered.

484F6 ID:8948 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am in London and making this profile for my sister who is currently in Karachi. She is 27, 5’2”, ACCA, and we

are a Punjabi Sunni family. We are looking for a well settled British Muslim so my sister can get settled in the UK. 

445F6 ID:7749 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a down to earth 25 year old medical student, 5’6”, Sunni, British Pakistani and practising.  Enjoy usual

socialising, travelling , dining out etc. Bubbly personality. Seeking a professional qualified person i.e. doctor,

broker, accountant, etc. Tall and slim. Someone who is mindful of religious obligations. Able to have intelligent

conversations as well as a sense of humour.

517F6 ID:8739 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 11 September 2017


Family orientated law graduate, 29, 5’5”, British Pakistani, LLB educated, currently working in the civil service at

the Treasury. Enjoy spending time with family, reading and travelling. Want to find a like minded person with a

professional educated background.

539F6 ID:114384 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a 29 year old, 5’3”, Pakistani female, living in Italy as a citizen with my family at the moment and speak

Urdu and Italian. I am kind, caring, honest, trustworthy and a very understanding person. I have completed a

diploma in Commerce and am self employed. I am also very family orientated and respect my elders a lot. I

follow Islam as best I can. I am looking for someone who is mature, caring, loving, trustworthy and someone

who I can share things with and talk to, someone whose respect me.

540F6 ID:10488 Photo Location: Italy Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Kind, caring. religious parents are seeking marriage for daughter, 27, 5’6”, British Pakistani, Biomedical science

degree and also working. She is a slim religious pious kind respectful individual

518F6 ID:8767 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Salaam this is a profile for my daughter who is 26, slim built, 5’4”, British Pakistani and fair. She has 3 brothers

all of which she is close with. She went to college and did make up, beauty and hair. She is now self employed.

Prefer a person aged 27-30, caste Rajput and never been married.

522F6 ID:8985 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


Single British Pakistani Muslimah, 27, 5’, Sunni and practising. I am a degree holder currently looking for work. I

would like to a good person who is slim.

523F6 ID:8992 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a 33yr old British Asian, 5’3”, work as a team leader. I am passionate about my family, friends, nature,

wildlife, travel and my work. I value …honesty, loyalty, integrity, kindness, empathy and friendliness. I enjoy

travelling, eating out, running, cycling and spending with family. I WLTM someone fun and genuine who lives life

to the full and seizes the moment….someone with positive energy would be great who likes to travel and

experience new cultures and is fun to be with. I do like men who are older than me…so I’m looking for a partner

that can enjoy having a younger women by his side.  I am adventurous, easy going, friendly, kind, faithful, honest

(sometimes too much), romantic…but also tenacious, determined, assertive and efficient I am seeking a partner

that is beautiful inside and also on the outside ready to settle down and who does not gamble, drink or smoke.

487F6 ID:9061 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


This profile is on behalf of my sister, 32, 5’1”, Pakistani. We are from an educated family in Pakistan and our

father is a retired army officer. She has done her BSc in Accountancy / ACCA and currently she runs a business

which I also help her on a part time basis as I work full time as an auditor in one if the big 4 audit firms. We are

moderately religious as a family. Please get in touch with me if you would be interested to know more. Being

educated with good family background preferably from Pakistani origin.

446F6 ID:8401 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple family loving moderate practicing Sunni Muslim, 38, Msc, a clinical Psychologist. I was born &

brought up in UK but a few years schooling was in Saudi Arabia. Our family is Indian origin, the best of both

cultures, E/W. We all are professionals and enjoy family time together. I read namaz 5 times a day and fast

during Ramdan. I wear hijab. My hobbies are going for plays, cinemas & eating out & reading. I am looking for a

professional from a more or less from a similar family loving background. He should be a permanent UK resident

preferably settled in UK. He should be a moderate Muslim and easy going, N/D & N/S. Reverts are welcome.

492F6 ID:8514 Location: Scotland. Email: MEMBERS


Our daughter is 24, 5’7” (170 cm), very fair, Finishing her Bachelors, multilingual, Pakistani background, Urdu

speaking family, Swiss citizen. Muslim Sunni. Moderate upbringing. Seeking a Sunni Muslim, Pakistani background,

aged 25-29, tall. A decent and professional person from a well educated family, living in Europe, USA or Canada.

412F6 ID:8024 Location: Switzerland. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 12 September 2017


I will describe myself in only one word “genuine”. I am 32, 5’3”, single, a graduate working in retail, practising

Muslimah and a British Pakistani. I have a very bubbly personality. I like to put smile on people’s face. Seeking a

single, good looking person who is employed.

541F6 ID:10782 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Very attractive lady with 10yr old son, 44, 5’8”, British Pakistani working as a secretary. Husband passed away

2yrs ago. Looking for a genuine man who can accept a pretty lady and her son. She’s got lot to offer and will be

a very loyal wife. She won’t be disappointing. Prefer someone in Birmingham or close. Also tall and must be

from UK and a good honest person with a GSOH.

542F6 ID:11142 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 19, 5’, currently a student. She can cook, clean, gets along with everyone, is a practising

Muslim, likes reading books, is funny, a good person to sit with and have a laugh with and down to earth. Person

needs to be practising, open minded, honest, from a good family that we can get along with. He also needs to be

educated and well mannered.

520F6 ID:8948 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for a partner for my sister who is 24, 5’1”, British Pakistani. She works as a physiotherapy assistant

in a hospital and aspires to do physiotherapy degree this year. She is a bubbly kind hearted person who loves to

travel and is very helpful. I am looking for someone family orientated, with traditional values but also a modern

outlook on life, honest and open minded. Someone who shares her interests in travelling, ambitious, who takes

care of himself as well as caring for others. Insha’Allah someone who can support and guide her on the correct

path, who is willing to increase in their deen and preferably Mirpuri speaking but not a must.

524F6 ID:8993 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a happy go lucky British Pakistani, 26, 5’4”, degree educated. I always see the best in people and place faith

in the almighty. Looking for a kind hearted, honest, reliable, light hearted, articulate and family oriented person.

525F6 ID:8996 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going person, 28, 5’6”, previously married, British Pakistani, love to work and enjoy life. Looking

for an honest and easy going sober person who must have very good manners and must be polite and loving.

505F6 ID:9846 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a very down to earth and humble lady, British, 26, 5’6”, Bsc. I’m the type of person who cares a lot about

people in my life, and I’m always the first one who goes out of my way to put that smile on your face. Looking for

a British / EU or American born citizen – intelligent, sincere, modest, GSOH, Islamic beliefs, ambitious and loving.

501F6 ID:9101 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a single, loving, caring, 37yr old divorced Indian, 5’2”, graduate, enjoy cooking, am sensible, and a very

hard working woman. I am looking for someone simple doing suitable work and with no extra demands.

494F6 ID:8535 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple sweet girl, 30, 5’4”, masters educated, Pakistani, full of positivity and life. Love movies, reading

books and cooking. Talks less but am understanding and supportive. My partner should be caring,

understanding, supportive and know how to respect women and my family.

483F6 ID:8067 Location: Lahore. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am genuine, loyal, honest, reliable and a decent 27yr old British Pakistani, 5’1”. I have good morals, values and

principles and I am pride myself on that. I can also be seen to be outspoken and feisty at times but guess that’s a

part of my personality I say it how it is and always keep it real they do say honesty is the best policy. I am looking

to get to know a decent guy with the intention of it heading towards marriage. I’m looking to get to know a man

who has good solid strong morals, values and principles. Someone who is decent, honest, loyal, good hearted

and above everything someone who would treat me with the upmost respect. Someone who acts with integrity.

514F6 ID:8685 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 13 September 2017


I am British born and raised in Pakistan, 23, 5’3”, graduate. Originally my family belongs to Rawalpindi. I have a

simple and moderate approach towards life. I have three sisters and one brother. Preferably families will be

involved from both sides. I’m looking for my other half to know how to balance deen and dunya. Someone who

understands me and takes care of me. Honesty and loyalty means a lot to me. I want a British Pakistani whose

family is ideally originally from Rawalpindi and Islamabad only!!!

543F6 ID:9155 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Shy, calm, family orientated, modestly dressed, down to earth British Indian Muslimah, 26, 5’5”, Masters

educated. Looking for a professional/educated, faith centred, kind Muslim.

544F6 ID:9164 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a very honest person, British Bangladeshi, 29, 5’, divorced, degree in science, professionally employed. I

am a down to earth practising Muslimah. Looking for someone born or brought up in the UK. Looking for that

someone who is honest with respect for people, especially women.

526F6 ID:8999 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am kind, caring person, 31, 5’4”, British Pakistani, divorced with 2 children, not currently working. I am easy

going, relaxed and easy to get on with. Prefer a person who is honest, reliable and caring.

527F6 ID:9039 Location: Glasgow. Email: MEMBERS


I am a 38yr old Bangladeshi origin female, 5’4”, divorced. I believe in simplicity and being a down to earth

person. I am confident in what I do. Like to talk straight and dislike people who lie and with 2 faces. Am very

disciplined and punctual. Like to socialise and have fun with family and friends but sometimes prefer to remain

in myself. Love children and sometimes love being like them. Looking for someone confident and sensible with

a caring and fun loving nature. Educated and social. Should love children. And no lies please.

481F6 ID:8707 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Looking for my sister who is a fully qualified solicitor, 35, 5’3”, British Pakistani, comes for a well educated family.

Seeking a similar British Pakistani professional from Greater Manchester.

502F6 ID:6851 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am 36, 5’10”, British, a public servant, looking for a soul mate, fun loving god fearing individual. Has to be God

fearing, hard working and family orientated.

447F6 ID:8381 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a self motivated individual 31, 5’3”, British Pakistani, divorced, self employed. I am a Sunni Muslim, loving

and caring. Looking for a partner who is a good Muslim with a kind heart. Looking for a partner who is a good

Muslim, prays namaz, and is caring and understanding.

485F6 ID:6803 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


25 year old Indian female, 5’3”, Msc in Computer Science and an IT Administrator. The most important thing in

my life is religious beliefs, moral values & respect for elders. I am a modern thinker but also believe in good

values given by our ancestors. I am looking for someone ideally Indian origin, who has a religious, flexible &

respectful attitude towards a woman. He should be creative, open minded with progressive thinking. He should

allow me to have my space, who is understanding, down to earth, lives and enjoys every moment of life.

493F6 ID:9074 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am 25, British born Pakistani Sunni, an assistant teacher. I like art/drawing, baking, shopping and spending time

with my family. I go out to restaurants, cinemas and enjoy social activities with my family. I am interested in

travelling, and would love to travel to some places with my partner Insh''Allah. People refer to me as being

bubbly, funny and kind-hearted. I am shy at most times but not around people I know. I try to read namaz 5 times

daily but don’t wear a hijab. I would like to follow the path of Jannah with my partner, and follow Islam religiously

and spiritually. I am looking for someone 25-30, 5’4”-5’9”, British Pakistani Muslim Sunni, stable / permanent job,

not too religious but with an of Islamic values, someone on the same level as myself, and no beard.

374F6 ID:7439 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 14 September 2017


Two servants of Allah(SWT) working together in dunya and deen to please their creator sounds beautiful to me.

I’m 26 years of age, 5’4”, British Pakistani Sunni Muslim. I have a degree in Medical Bioscience and I’m doing

administration work, which I really enjoy. I like spending time with my family and friends and I honestly love

learning about Islam. The type of person I am looking for is someone with good character and who is trying to

practice our deen. I WLTM someone who can fit into family well and prefer them to have a British nationality.

545F6 ID:9182 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a single independent British Pakistani Muslimah, 26, 5’6”, slim, Msc educated and a practising Muslim.


Looking for a good person who is also educated.


546F6 ID:9184 Location: North Email: MEMBERS




I am a professional person currently working as a teacher, 47, 5’4”, masters educated, divorced with 3 children,


British. I can speak Portugese, Spanish, Urdu and Punjabi. I have strong family values and belong to a close knit


family, with modern values and a GSOH. I have a great sense of adventure and love to travel. Looking for a new


partner, with strong family values. I would like to share; my love of nature and cultural interests with someone


who has similar values and a happy disposition. Someone who is reliable, caring and honest.


547F6 ID:9188 Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I am a good looking, slim, well educated well cultured Indian female, 25, 5’1”, degree in engineering, Islamic


minded, wears hijab and comes from a very good family in India. Seeking a well educated and well mannered


practising Muslim.


528F6 ID:9047 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




am a divorced mother of 3, 28, 5’10”, British. Islam is very important to me. I try to live my life for Islam. I


reverted 3 years ago now and have started wearing hijab 2yrs ago Alhamdulillah. Ideally ned someone who is


practising and who takes Islam seriously, who can teach me and my children about Islam and can accept them.


529F6 ID:9076 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS




British Pakistani female, 26, studied for a degree in Optometry, wears hijab, from a good family, currently


teaching Arabic. Looking for a religious British Pakistani from a good family, educated. Contact via family.


340F6 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: Contact MMS




British Pakistani female, 22 years old, British Pakistani Bsc Law student. Come from a Sunni Jatt family and


looking for somebody similar. Contact via family. Prefer someone aged between 23-33. Pakistani in origin but a


UK resident. Caste - Jatt. Should be educated and employed and come from a good family.


372F6 ID:7292 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS




I am 34, 5’10”, a French Muslimah, student in psychology, converted to Islam 4 years ago. I am interested by a lot


of things: sciences, geopolitics, arts, ect. My ideal partner might be intellectually and spiritually matching with me.


410F6 ID:7585 Location: France. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Hi I am single 30, 5’5”, not working. Attend holy communion in church. I am white British few tattoo markings. I


am looking for a marriage partner. I have dark brownish red hair below shoulders. I like going to gym or


swimming cinema shops cafes. Days out by the sea. I do not want children. I live in flat in Kent. I’m laidback,


understanding. Honest and trustworthy. WLTM someone ideally with dark hair, single no former baggage and


able to love me fully. Also protective and trustworthy.


504F6 ID:9445 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




I am 29, 5’4”, British Bangladeshi, practising Muslim. Work as a science teacher in high school. I have a big family


lol (dont be scared) 3 older brothers all married with kids, 4 older sisters who are also married with kids and 1


younger brother and 1 younger sister. I love family life, travelling and reading the Quran. I pray 5 times a day


and would prefer if my man did the same. I am of Bengali Mymal heritage and am looking for a Bengali Muslim


husband to settle down with. He must be a UK citizen and be educated with a job.


513F6 ID:8678 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS





Females Page 15 September 2017


British Muslimah of Macedonia origin, 25, 5’7”, degree educated and self employed. Appreciate life and what

Allah has provided for me. Have a passion to travel and am a caring, loving and understanding lady that has no

wish to be hurt. Am looking for someone who is honest and has the fear of Allah talaa in him.

548F6 ID:9203 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am a practicing divorced British Muslimah, 35, 5’3” who’s love and fear for Allah (swt) is the most important

part of life. Am confident, driven, kind, bright, honest, determined, caring and loyal. Try’s to succeed at

whatever comes in life. Mother is English, father is Pakistani. Ultimate goal is to enter Jannah. Seeking a

religious practicing Muslim man, who fears Allah (swt). Successful, financially stable, loyal, honest, kind,

trustworthy and confident whose goal is to guide his family to Jannah.

549F6 ID:9326 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a practising Muslimah ,22, 5’3”, who always prays my 5 daily salaahs and reads Quran daily. I am a genuine,

caring and funny person, serious at times but funny too. I can manage a household and look after my younger

siblings. I always wear hijab and abaya and feel very happy this way. I am currently doing a Psychology degree

with the hope of becoming a Clinical psychologist by doing a Doctorate in Clincial Psycholgy after I graduate

InshaAllah. I enjoy travelling, sports, reading for pleasure, spending time with family, and trying out new things.

I enjoy learning new languages, so often watch the news in Arabic and French, as well as English of course. I am

a people person and appreciate honesty, as I am honest and kind. Looking for a religious, educated person able

to financially support a home, GSOH, adventurous who loves travelling.

550F6 ID:9361 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced British Pakistani practising Muslimah, 43, 5’6”. I have 3 girls aged 19 and twins 16. Looking for a

down to earth guy who doesn’t want anything other than pleasing & gaining reward for his responsibility on this

earth, a God fearing Muslim who loves children and can take responsibility knowing Allah is watching his actions.

530F6 ID:9082 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


Very loving and caring young lady with a bubbly personality, British Pakistani, 30, 5’1”. Has worked hard to

achieve her current position of neo natal surgeon in the NHS. Must be similarly highly educated….doctor

preferred but not essential. Must be a caring and practising Muslim with a view to enjoin families.

531F6 ID:9093 Location: North. Email: contact MMS


I am a nice and gentle person, British citizen, 26, 4’10”, practising Muslim, work as a receptionist. Looking for

someone ready to start a family of his own.

511F6 ID:8676 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


Young 23 year old Pakistani practising Muslimah, 5’4”, permanent resident and fluent speaker of Spanish also.

Currently studying for ACCA. Looking for marriage with a loyal person.

510F6 ID:8669 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is well educated girl, British Pakistani, 33, 5’4”, divorced, living with 10 year old son. We are

looking for her best match as soon as possible. A non smoker, well educated, non drinker, stable in life, knows

family values, loving , caring, honest and who take good care of them. Preferably a professional person.

509F6 ID:8642 Location: Glasgow. Email: MEMBERS


I’m a God fearing, kind hearted and lively person who is 39, 5’5”, divorced with 2 children. I am masters

educated and also work as a teacher. Sunni practising Muslim and looking to get married to a responsible, easy

going, kind and generous God fearing practicing Muslim.

478F6 ID:8453 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a 28 year old divorcee with two children, 28, British Pakistani, 5’1”. Looking to settle down with someone

from a similar background and someone who will accept my children. Fun to be with, who doesn’t take life too

seriously. Someone who will accept my children.

535F6 ID:9149 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 16 September 2017


I am broad minded, 28, 5’, divorced, British Pakistani Sunni Muslim. I believe in individual rights, I respect elders

and value our traditions. I agree in sharing life’s joys and sorrows together. I like cooking and occasionally dining

out. I believe in faithfulness, honesty and am looking for someone who is well settled and honest, wise who

would respect me as I am. I am looking for a kind energetic full of life person who could make my life happy like

a dream come true and in return, all my love, respect and faithfulness will all be theirs.

551F6 ID:9372 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My eldest daughter is 32, 5’5” and living in New Maldon. We are looking for her. She has done her masters in

MDDS and also International Relations at university. We are seeking an honest, reliable and stable person with

a job, aged 32-38 and single only. We don’t lie so we only want genuine person without fraud.

552F6 ID:9554 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a creative individual, British Pakistani practising Muslimah, 26, 5’5”, BA in Primary Education and a teacher

who has a passion for teaching and exploring the outdoors. I enjoy adventures and humour but I’m also of a

focused and careful nature. Looking for someone who is practising but more importantly with a good character.

Humorous but sensible. Mature but open minded. Independent and confident but more importantly humble

and honest.

532F6 ID:9107 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


26 year old British Indian Muslimah, who is 5’1”,  a student, beautiful, kind, honest and a family orient young girl.

She was born profound deaf but Alhamdulilah can communicate through BSL. Her hobbies include: Art & Design,

Beauty & Fashion, Photography and Cooking. Looking for someone who is a responsible individual, kind, honest

and family oriented. We are looking for British Citizens and upto the age of 30.

533F6 ID:9124 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


24 year old slim British Pakistani female, 5’2”, graduate and working as a manager. Also looking for someone

who is employed and family orientated.

512F6 ID:8677 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


My niece is in Azad Kashmir Pakistan, 24. If you are interested you can contact her uncle in Birmingham if you are

a British Pakistani or from Azad Kashmiri Raja or Syed or Bangali Sunni. I am a Sunni Muslim, caste raja. I don’t

claim that I am too religious but Alhamdulillah as a Muslim I read my prayers and Quran. I wear clothes as a

Muslim, am not backward, not too modern. I know my limits. You can contact on 07412958771 if serious. I want

a loving and caring husband. My mother is a single mum and she has sacrificed a lot for us two sisters. I want

my husband to give love and respect to her as her own mum. Please contact only if you are serious for marriage.

413F6 ID:8242 Location: Midlands. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for a suitable match for my sister, 26, 5’5”, works in the civil service. She is a responsible, caring and

a practical individual. She has a very friendly and bubbly personality. She has a GSOH and enjoys time with friends

and family. She values family and has respect for elders. We are British Pakistani Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim and

looking for similar back ground. We would prefer parental involvement throughout the process or after the initial

communication. We would like our daughter to be married in a believing Islamic family. The individual should

come from an educated and UK settled family. He should be Pakistani Sunni Muslim ideally from Urdu speaking

background. He should be a British national/citizen. He should be educated to graduate level at least and should

be employed in an established career. The suitable match will have a calm and caring nature and have respect for

women. He should have a responsible nature and have good family values. He should be close to deen.

411F6 ID:7572 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a revert, practicing Muslima, Romanian, 35, 5, divorced, eager to learn about Islam, learning and

increasing Arabic knowledge. I have a good character, am family oriented and have a 3yrs old daughter from a

previous marriage. Am loyal, respectful, humble and open minded. Prefer someone family orientated, good

character, manners, patient and honest. Someone who will guide me on my dunya journey, will respect me and

my family. Someone with a GSOH, open minded, stable in his career who’s interested in developing together.

489F6 ID:8473 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 17 September 2017


I am 36, 5’4”, a British Pakistani divorced, with 3 children, self employed. I love travelling, fine dining, watching

movies, and also enjoy an evening in on my couch. Looking for a life partner who is serious about marriage.

553F6 ID:9631 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am 20, 5’8”, a sales assistant, British female. I am down to earth, sociable and have a good outlook on life and

take good care of my appearance. A person who is down to earth and has a good outlook on life.

554F6 ID:9865 Location: Swansea. Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is an enthusiastic individual who lives life to its fullest. She is 26, 5’3”, a Sunni practising British

Indian, Bsc, working as a senior sales consultant. She tries to respect and value others feelings. Looking for a

good, religious and God-fearing person.

534F6 ID:9140 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Our daughter is a slim, fair, educated girl, 25, 5’6, working as a govt employee, British Pakistani. She has studied

very hard and is a quick learner. She has Bsc and LLM degrees. She has family values, respect for others and gets

along with everyone. Prefer a Raja Ghakkar Kiyani boy, educated, who knows and respects family values.

490F6 ID:8491 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am originally from Mumbai, 47, 5’3”, divorced with 2 kids, daughter is married and my son is 16 alhamdulillah,

very good ,religious and a bright student. I belong to a business class family, have two elder brothers both

happily married in Mumbai. My has father passed away and mother is in Mumbai with brothers. I was married

for last 23 years but unfortunately didn’t work out. I have been through a lot from my previous marriage but

alhamdulillah Allah knows what’s better. I am very honest and loyal, believe in Allah almighty the greatest of all.

I know that whatever happens in your life is a lesson to learn and move on because life is temporary. I prefer an

understanding, loving and caring person who respects women and likes to live life to the fullest, is respectful for

religion and fears Allah, likes to go out, enjoys little things in life and is content with whatever Allah has provided

463F6 ID:8494 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am 26, 5’4”, belong to Sunni Punjabi family from Lahore, currently teaching, well educated, outgoing and a

confident person. I like to read. My partner should be professionally qualified and settled, possess a good sense

of humour and should be aware of his responsibilities.

426F6 Location: Lahore. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British born, Sunni Muslim, 28, 5’7”, qualified solicitor, fair complexion, good looking, slim, smart, pleasant

personality’ excellent manners and intelligent. Living with parents in the South East and working in West London.

Parents are of Pakistan origin (Lahore), highly educated and professional Seeking someone aged under 30, British

born, Successful Professional, honest, moderate Sunni Muslim, good height, slim, fair complexion, non-smoker,

non-drinker living in or near London or South East England, financially sound. 

378F6 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


We are a respectable Sunni British Rajput family originally from Pakistan. Our daughter is 23, 5’5″ brought up in

a moderate yet spiritual Muslim environment sympathetic towards Tasawwuf. She is a mature, very open and

honest, deeply caring, family oriented young girl who is a very good listener. She enjoys quality family time,

reading, cooking and charitable work when possible and is a practising Muslim. We are looking for a Sunni

professional, 24-30 yrs old from an educated and religious Rajput/Sayyid background. He should be Tasawwuf-

minded, trustworthy, caring, understanding and down-to-earth person.

503F6 ID:7483 Location: Midlands. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


Good looking girl from a “shareef & educated” family background, 27, 5’3”, Masters educated. Knows how to

balance between deen & duniya, and understands the values of her culture, knows how to move in E/W society,

talkative, well behaved, bubbly, soft spoken, caring & loving. She loves cooking, travelling, reading, socialising

with  like minded people, and is looking for an educated & confident guy from an educated (shareef) family

background, good looking, knows & understands how to fulfil his responsibilities, loving & a caring person.

515F6 ID:8699 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 18 September 2017


My friend is a simple Pakistani unmarried female 41, 5’, graduated from Pakistan. She has fair complexion, a

soft nature and on a student visa doing a management course. Seeking a loving, caring, educated person 48-58.

555F6 ID:9870 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


Single mum of 2 boys aged 10 and 6. She is divorced, 31, 5’, Sunni Muslim, works part time as a teaching

assistant and a British Pakistani. WLTM a practising Muslim man who is loyal, honest and responsible.

556F6 ID:9919 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am friendly, genuine, warm and loving, 34, 5’2”, single and British. I am easy going, down to earth with a GSOH.

I have a giving nature am family orientated, enjoy staying at home and spending quality time with family and

also enjoy going out visiting family, friends and of course love shopping. I have a good balance of E/W culture. I

come from a respected family and know the importance of Islam and really WLTM someone I could grow and

learn with. Looking for guy that is independent, kind, caring, genuine and hard working. Somebody that can be

serious as well as knowing when to have laugh. Someone who has the same values as me, values religion and

family with a good mixture of E/W culture. Ultimately I hope to meet someone with whom I can practice Islam.

475F6 ID:8424 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest individual, 37, 5’4”, British Pakistani, divorced with no children, a teacher, friendly and reliable. I

am creative, expressive and affectionate. I’m an optimistic individual, like learning and intelligent conversation. I

get on with people of all backgrounds. Alhamdulillah I have been practicing for a number of years and try to

better myself. I live with my mother (who is a widow), my youngest brother, sister in law and their children.

After marriage insha Allah I would like to continue working and if Allah blesses me with children I would prefer

to raise my children insha Allah. I’m seeking a man who will fulfil his duties as a husband insha Allah and as a

father if Allah wills. I find a great personality, the ability to have intelligent conversation, and a great sense of

humour more attractive than one’s looks!

497F6 ID:8553 Location: South.  Email: MEMBERS


I am a Practicing Muslimah, 46, 5’4”, Pakistani with a caring and loving nature. I have an MA in Education, a

school principal and also have family in the UK who can be contacted. Looking for a companion.

448F6 ID:8431 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am 32, 5’5”, British Pakistani, a sales planner, enjoy cooking, going to the cinema, shopping, charity and am a

Sunni Muslim. I was divorced after 2 years and do not have children. Looking for a British Pakistani Sunni Muslim,

divorced (without children), widowed or single person is OK. Prefer someone in or near London.

427F6 ID:8400  Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple family loving doctor, 36, 5’4”, British Indian. I am specialising in ophthalmology (eyes). I was born

and brought up in the UK. My father is a doctor too of Indian origin. I pray 5 times a day and fast in Ramadan. I

am moderate in religion and all other aspects. I like dining out, socialising, cinema and reading. My family is the

best combination of both East and West worlds. We have lots of friends and relatives coming to our house to

celebrate Eids. I am looking for a professional, and not necessarily a doctor, of Asian origin, preferably a British

citizen or permanently settled in the UK. I don’t mind a European revert, a practising, professional family

involvement is preferred.

465F6 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am a British born Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 40, 5’5”. I am an educated professional presently working in the

bioscience industry. However, I am willing to relocate for the right person following marriage. Am looking for a

Sunni Muslim gentleman aged between 35-45 to cherish and look after forever after.

444F6 ID:3527 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a fun loving person, British Pakistani, 24, 5’6”, practising, university educated and a manager. Very easy

going. I enjoy reading books and listening to religious sermons. Prefer someone 25-35 and a practicing Muslim.

516F6 ID:8700 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS