Males 18-26, Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




24 year old practising Sunni Muslim, Pakistani, permanent UK resident, currently working in teaching. I am 5’10”

and looking for a good life partner.

M7120 ID:11962 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m a simple guy, modest and humble, 25. 5’8”, a graduate, British Bangladeshi. I come from a good family

background and currently in an accountant type role and hoping to become chartered one day. I like to spend

most of my time with family as much as possible as family is important to me. I also like to travel and explore

different cultures and try new experiences. I’m looking for someone who is honest, humble and practising. I

want someone I can call my best friend, someone I can grow with and will help me become a better Muslim

M7112 ID:11353 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’7”, Sunni practising Muslim, studying MBBS. More details will be given upon request. Just

looking for a compatible person and good Muslim.

M6996 ID:10485 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a kind, easy going  British Muslim, 26, 5’11”, practising Sunni Muslim, work as a software engineer who

enjoys life. Love being around friends and family. Always have a smile, but can be serious when needed. Prefer

someone similar who loves adventures and trying new things.

M6984 ID:10349 Photo Location: Newport Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced 25 year old British Pakistani Muslim, work as a supervisor. I like reading namaz, Quran, listen to

naats and sometime music. Looking for an educated and well mannered girl.

M6982 ID:10301 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am 24, 5’11”, British Sunni Bangladeshi Muslim, university educated and a business owner. I believe getting

married young will help one another bond and learn to love each other as we get older. I am a fun, happy go

lucky person that refuses to give up until I reach my goals. I’d like someone who would strive to improve me

and mould me into the husband of her dreams and want someone who wants to practice our deen.

M6979 ID:10276 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Sunni Muslim, 24, 6’1”. Open minded and a progressive nature. Very respectful and culturally aware. Has

completed Law degree & LPC and is currently part way through the final qualifying process to become a solicitor.

Currently working in a large multi national law . We are looking for a family oriented person of Pakistani heritage.

Ideally looking for someone British born or who has lived here for quite a number of years, aged 20-24, single.

M6980 ID:10287 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am 25 years old 5’10”, Sunni, Pakistani permanent resident here, masters educated and working as a manager.

Looking for a good Muslim girl who respects family values.

M6966 ID:9902 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am 26, 5’8”, British Pakistani, MBA, a professional cricketer. I am a cool, easy going and caring person. Just

looking for my life partner, ideally honest, loving and caring like me.

M6950 ID:9836 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I’m a simple man, 26, 5’6”, British Pakistani, practising Muslim, family oriented. She must be a practical Muslim

from a good family.

M6942 ID:9219 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am software developer, doing MSc Advanced computer science as well as being a software developer, living in

Hertfordshire, 25, 5’9”, Pakistani. Seeking for a life partner who is honest, good looking, educated and friendly.

M6940 ID:9197 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 5’9”, 26, British Pakistani, Sunni Muslim, work in manufacturing. I am athletic, with a fair complexion and

looking for someone petite, easy going, down to earth, open minded, broad mined and compromising.

M6938 ID:9187 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


My son is 23, a British Pakistani, qualified accountant. I will describe him as funny, annoying and hard working.

He is at the point in his life where he feels that he is ready to move to the next step and explore the world with a

loving partner. From my perspective he is a compassionate, caring and charismatic individual who believes he is

lucky to have wonderful family and parents. He upholds important morals and principles, enjoys outdoor

activities but also appreciates a quiet night in. He is looking for a generally kind, loyal and funny individual to

spend the rest of eternity with. Someone that can smile through adversity, be light-hearted, approachable and

understanding . A professional who understands key values and morals and is a respectable member of society.

He is looking to settle with a comparable partner who can join our close knit but not an UBER- traditional family.

M6929 ID:9889 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am an alim 23, 5’10”, British, a teacher at an Islamic school and I live in Leicester. My father is Pakistani Punjabi

from Lahore and mother is Memon. I pray all my salaaat in the masjid, follow the hanafi school of thought and I

would like a caring loving homely wife who would not mind relocating to Leicester. I have completed the 7 year

alim course (Muslim scholar) 2 years ago alhamdulillah and have learned to speak read and write Arabic and

Urdu. I would like a wife where we can increase our deen and bring our children up in a great Islamic

environment inshallah and who tries to follows the deen correctly.

M6924 ID:9027 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a mature and decent Pakistani person, 26, 5’8”, completed bachelors, currently a driver. Sometime do

jokes to enjoy life. I am sincere and a career and loving person. Looking for serious and sincere person.

M6920 ID:8991 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am honest and hard working, 23, 5’8”, Bangladeshi origin, studying LLB. I always believe in Allah. I love to

cook and travel. I respect every individual, am frank and a friendly and open minded person. Prefer a simple

girl, 19-22. I prefer a religious girl, minimum 5’2″ tall.

M6918 ID:8989 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


My son is a caring, well mannered person, 26, 5’8”, British Pakistani, who has a sense of humour, likes to spend

time with family, enjoys travelling, playing games and gaining knowledge. He has a modern out look towards life

but at the same time, he knows his culture and deen. My son does not smoke or drink. My son is looking for a

life partner who is sweet and caring love to spend time with family, who is fun and has sense a humour, has a

modern outlook towards life but she knows her culture and deen, she has her own ambition in life, enjoys life.

She does not smoke or drink. please no time wasters thank you.

M6913 ID:8660 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a 21 year old British Bangladeshi Muslim, 5’11”. I work in a warehouse, love going to the gym, like relaxing,

going to movies, meals and play some sports when I want to, otherwise am just relaxing. I want someone that

I fall in love with on a first date and am looking for a special person that can take care of me and my parents too.

M6914 ID:8680 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


British Pakistani, 21, 5’11”, practising Muslim years old looking to marry and settle down inshallah. Looking for

someone who is sincere, truthful and trustworthy.

M6911 ID:8646 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


British Pakistani Muslim, 23, 5’6”, graduate. Living with parents at the moment, happy to live separate if

preferred. Working full time as an Account Executive from home, head office based in Leeds. Like listening to

music, watching movies, going out dining, hanging out with friends and travelling abroad. WLTM someone aged

20-23, reasonably tall, slim, outgoing and educated to at least degree.

M6908 ID:8594 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 25, 5’7”, British Pakistani, Bsc in Computing, single and have difficulty looking for a marriage partner, so I

thought I’ll give this a try. Looking for someone who is family orientated who knows a bit about their

cultural background.

M6907 ID:8590 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Message me if you want to know about me. I am 24, 5’9” a single Pakistani businessman. Seeking someone

who is loving and caring.

M6899 ID:8497 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


British Pakistani Muslim, 25, 5’8”, single, a self employed business man and practising Muslim. More information

will be provided upon request.

M6900 ID:8501 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am practicing Muslim, 24, 5’8”, Bangladeshi origin, a professional chef, gentle, caring, honest and kind hearted,

I prefer an English sister that has already accepted Islam, or willing to accept. Preferably vegetarian and a non

smoker. She has to have a firm belief in God (Allah) and a receptive frame of mind.

M6890 ID:8417 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a fun British Pakistani guy to be with, 23, 5’10”, Sunni Muslim, working as a manager and a practising Muslim.

WLTM someone religious.

M6888 ID:8366 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a very fun and positive practising British Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’8”, work as a teacher. My religion is very

important to me, and is something I practice to the best of my ability. I am sociable and confident, and

continuously seek knowledge to increase in imaan and taqwa. I also like activities such as playing sports. I

understand my wife has rights in a marriage, and would give her full rights. My family are really nice mashaAllah,

and loving. They support me in every way alhamdulillah and I know whoever I choose as my wife, they would

welcome them with open arms as part of the family. Someone practising who is willing to improve themselves.

M6889 ID:8414 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I belong to Pakistani origin, am 25, a Masters student. Love to cook am organised and humble in nature. Always

believed in live and let people live happily. Looking for someone with positive energy, who respects family

values and relations and a friendly nature.

M6877 ID:8339 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


British born Pakistani son, 25, 5’8”, studied a degree in civil engineering and work as a surveyor. We are looking

to find a suitable match for our son who is mature, has fair skin, enjoys movies, spending time with friends and

family. He is a simple good looking boy who does not smoke or drink or date. Average built and has full gym

membership She needs to be degree or college educated and would prefer someone from a Lahore background

but not fussy. The main thing is that the girl should be from a good family background ideally 19-24 years old and

height should not be more than 5’5”, and finally should be fair skin, slim and attractive. We are relatively

moderate Sunni Muslims and welcome a rishta from a UK born and raised person. Parental or guardian

involvement is must and this rishta is only for marriage.

M6866 ID:8653 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Indian Muslim, 24, degree educated, speak Urdu and English. I am single and not married. I have also lived in the

US and looking to get settled in the UK now to the right person.

M6867 ID:8214 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Our son is a Sunni Muslim, British Pakistani, 25, 6’2”, a degree educated Business development manager. He is

an open minded, fun loving guy! He works hard in the family business but is also very easy going. Into fitness and

goes to the gym regularly, and has a very tall, slim muscular physique. Looking for someone 20-25yrs, slim

attractive girl who is Sunni (but not Hijaab wearing). She should be down to earth, have a good standard of

education, a friendly nature and a good stable family background.

M6845 ID:7300 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 25, 5’10”, British Bangladeshi. I am the Manager of a Kwik-Fit. I was married in August 2015 and divorced

shortly after. The lady I married left 2 weeks after marriage. I am seeking someone genuine, sincere and not

someone materialistic. I am a caring and kind individual and faith is very important to me. Alhamdulillah I pray 5

times and I am seeking someone who will strengthen my Imaan further. I am bubbly and outgoing and come from

a family of moderate values. My parents are easy going and are not old school. I am seeking someone with good

morals who will value my family as her own and be a vital part of my life. In return I will give my all to be the best

possible husband. I will listen and support her through problems and always make her feel loved and valued.

M6840 ID:8236 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am born and bred in Luton, am a young 21 year old caring person, 5’10”, British Pakistani, work as an MOT

tester. Person must be round about the same age as me and educated.

M6827 ID:110974 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a young ambitious Moroccan guy, 25, 5’11”, masters educated, work as a purchasing manager with a work

permit, like reading, cooking and camping. Just want a Muslim caring wife. 

M6803 ID:110742 Photo Location: North East. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Shia Muslim, 26, 5’10”, British Pakistani, looking for a serious Shia Muslim girl for marriage. I have

completed a BBA and work in security.

M6798 ID:110700 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a very easy going down to earth family oriented guy, Bangladeshi origin, 26, 5’8”, undergraduate and also

working. Looking for someone who is serious about relationship and want to start a family.

M6775 ID:111103 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 20, 6’2”, Pakistani origin, born and raised in Glasgow. I have just started university. I am an easy going

person, respects elders, GSOH, and want to travel overseas next year. I am not the most perfect person when it

comes to religion, but try my best and am confident that I will improve. If you want to know anything about me or

my family then I’ll happily tell you. I personally believe that it is better to get to know the person, then we can

proceed to further things. With me there will be no boring life style watching TV, there is a full world out there to

explore.  WLTM someone who is family oriented, respects parents, likes to travel and is able to have a good laugh.

I often go to the gym, so it would be nice if the person has the same preference, but I’m fine it they don’t.

M6774 ID:111099 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Muslim Sunni, British Pakistani, 24, 6’, own business. I am honest, kind and straight forward. Looking for a

Muslim who is honest, kind and living in the UK.

M6770 ID:111019 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I'm from Pakistan and also from Oman, a Sunni Muslim, 22, 5’5”. I have a work permit for the UK. I am looking

for a partner from a good Islamic background.

M6758 ID:110982 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Pakistani origin Muslim, permanent resident in UK, 23, 6’, working full time. Caste: mothers Rajpoot, fathers Jutt,

sect: Sunni. Both my parents are passed away and I am the only child. My uncle/mamoo is my guardian. I have

many cousins which I am close to. In my free time I go to the gym and spend time with friends and family. I am

looking for a moderate Sunni girl.

M6752 ID:110896 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Well educated Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’10”, an assistant engineer working in Yorkshire. I will give more

information to interested individuals and families.

M6749 ID:110867 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Sunni Muslim, British Pakistani, 24, 5’8”, BA(Hons) and a development officer. I am ambitious, open

minded, talkative and I love to smile all the time. I am honest, loyal and want to settle down. The ideal woman

for me should be respectful, bubbly, caring and loyal.

M6738 ID:110369 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS Email: MEMBERS ONLY